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On Tuesday, April 12, 2022, IUS Faculty of Law (FLW) organized a lecture on Air Carrier Liability in International Air Transport. The guest speaker was Mr. Berin Riđanović, a Legal Advisor at Sarajevo International Airport.

The lecture provided an overview of the most important private air law instruments: Warsaw System and Montreal Convention. There are several different angles through which the development of the Warsaw Convention system can be viewed. The content of the successive conventions and protocols show which issues were the focus at the time of their adoption. Court decision in different parties reveal problems that have arisen in interpretation and application of the Convention. Examination of changes in the conditions of carriage shows how air carriers have lived with the Convention in changing conditions and how these have effectively produced changes in the legal environment for carriage by air without formally changing the regime itself.

The Montreal Convention evolved from the original Warsaw Convention, several Protocols and a Supplementary Convention which amended the original Convention in most countries. Parallel existence of the Warsaw System and the Montreal Convention presented a problem of uniformity and EU inserted Montreal Convention 1999 in its legal system by the Regulation 889/2002, which had amended the Regulation 2027/97 and prescribed unique applicability of Montreal Convention 1999 for all EU carriers.

The lecture was followed by a Q&A session where students had an opportunity to learn more about the things they were interested in.

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