IUS Law Journal

This journal is one of various tools that the Faculty of Law at IUS uses to put law into practice. It is an English-language, peer-review publication, one of a kind in this region, published twice a year in Fall and Spring. It was established on August 9, 2018, via Decision IUS-FLW-15-1945/18 of the Faculty of Law Council. A scholarly legal publication of the Faculty of Law at the International University of Sarajevo, this journal is designed to explore issues relating to Bosnian public and private laws along with pointed lessons for other constitutional systems, irrespective of legal tradition (civil or common law) or democratic status (young or established), in a contemporary world marked by migration of constitutional ideas. This journal is a tool of faculty development as well as a key medium of hands-on training in writing (through the production of case notes) for eligible undergraduate and graduate students. The Faculty of Law plans to release its maiden edition of the journal circa February of 2019.

Masthead, IUS Law Journal

Philip C. Aka
(Bosnia and Herzegovina, USA)

Members of the Editorial Board
 Opoku Agyeman (USA)
Kenan Ademović (Bosnia and Herzegovina)
Yvette M. Alex-Assensoh (USA)
Mohamed Elewa Badar (U.K.) 
 Joseph A. Balogun (Nigeria and USA)
Emmanuel O. Iheukwumere (USA)
 Ena Kazić (Bosnia and Herzegovina)
Nandor Knust (Germany)
Mirza Ljubović (Bosnia and Herzegovina)
John Mukum Mbaku (USA)
Brunilda Pali (Belgium)
Hana Šarkinović-Kӧse (Bosnia and Herzegovina)
Zarije Seizović (Bosnia and Herzegovina)
Goran Šimić (Bosnia and Herzegovina)
Emir Sudžuka (Bosnia and Herzegovina)
Hassan Wahab (Ghana)
Sencer Yeralan (Bosnia and Herzegovina)
Patricia Živković (Bosnia and Herzegovina)


Call for Papers - IUS Law Journal – DEADLINE EXTENDED TO FEBRUARY 15, 2019