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“Siege of Sarajevo: 30th Anniversary” Lecture Given by Mayor of Sarajevo at IUS

On May 11, 2022, Mayor of Sarajevo and Assistant Professor at the International University of Sarajevo, Faculty of Law Dr. Benjamina Karić held a lecture titled „Siege of Sarajevo: 30th Anniversary“.

This year marks 30th anniversary of the independence of Bosnia and Herzegovina and start of the longest city siege in the recent history, the siege of Sarajevo. It is clear from today's perspective, just as it was then, that it was not only a desire to destroy a country and a city, but to destroy the diversity that made this country and this city recognizable for centuries. Mayor Karić emphasized through her presentation that it is important to preserve the history but also to learn lessons for the future. The main goal of the aggressors 30 years ago was to destroy the soul and the spirit of the city. Even though Bosnians did not have weapons, electricity, water or food, they never lost their will and strength. They responded to destructivity with creativity. During the siege, Sarajevo and its people organized symposiums, music concerts, festivals, NGO's, recorded documentaries and even sent an Olympic team to the Winter Olympic Games in the 1992. Mayor Karić said that tolerance and diversity were and always will be part of Sarajevo.

Mayor Karić emphasized that we need to protect peace and stability through respect, knowledge and education of young people. Despite the most brutal destruction, according to Mayor Karić, Sarajevo has preserved its idea of a city open to all and a city where diversity is its greatest asset.

In the end of the lecture, the audience had an opportunity to participate in an open discussion and a Q&A session. Dean of Faculty of Law at IUS Associate Professor Dr. Aliye Fatma Mataraci thanked Mayor Karić for being an inspiration and a good role model to all young people showing that hard work and persistence can make dreams come true.

International University of Sarajevo is proud to have Mayor Benjamina Karić as part of our University staff and we look forward to her future accomplishments.