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Ministers of Justice of Turkiye and BiH Address International Symposium on Cyber Crime at IUS

The second day of the International Symposium on Combating Cyber Crime was marked by a distinguished visit from high-level delegations representing the Ministries of Justice of the Republic of Turkiye and Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH). Among the notable guests were H.E. Yilmaz Tunç, Minister of Justice of Republic of Turkiye, and Mr. Davor Bunoza, Minister of Justice of BiH, who addressed attendees and emphasized the critical importance of global cooperation in combating cyber threats.

Minister Tunç opened his address with an expression of satisfaction at participating in the symposium, emphasizing the urgency of addressing cyber-crime in today's interconnected world. He highlighted the transnational nature of cyber threats, emphasizing the necessity of international law to effectively regulate and combat these crimes. Minister Tunç praised the symposium for its role in bringing together diverse stakeholders from different countries to collectively confront this evolving challenge.

In his remarks, Minister Tunç also expanded on the broader context of international law, urging its application to contemporary global issues. He referenced ongoing concerns in Gaza, advocating for continued investigations by the International Criminal Court into crimes committed by Israel against civilians. Minister Tunç reaffirmed Turkiye's commitment to providing humanitarian aid to Gaza and promoting diplomatic efforts toward the establishment of a Palestinian state.

Shifting the focus to cyber-crime, Minister Tunç underscored the exponential growth of cyber incidents fueled by technological advancements. He emphasized the critical role of legislation as a foundation for effective cyber-crime prevention and called for strategic investments in supporting infrastructure. Minister Tunç acknowledged the complexity of the task ahead but emphasized that robust cooperation among national and international institutions would significantly enhance the effectiveness of combating cyber-crime.

Minister Tunç commended the symposium for facilitating international collaboration and expressed optimism that the event's outcomes would yield valuable academic insights to guide policy-making across participant countries. He highlighted the forthcoming signing of a Memorandum of Understanding between the Justice Academy of Turkiye and the International University of Sarajevo (IUS), emphasizing its importance for future joint initiatives and programs.

Furthermore, Minister Tunç shared insights into Turkiye's efforts to combat cyber-crime, emphasizing the crucial role of education in empowering judicial authorities to tackle crime and corruption effectively. He concluded by lauding the International University of Sarajevo for its achievements over its 20-year history and pledged continued support for its growth and development.

Following Minister Tunç's address, Mr. Davor Bunoza, Minister of Justice of BiH, echoed sentiments of gratitude toward Turkiye for its ongoing support to BiH's judicial institutions. Minister Bunoza acknowledged the severe challenges posed by cyber-crime in BiH, citing issues such as fragmented governmental competencies and a shortage of skilled IT experts. He praised the International University of Sarajevo for its contributions to educating future cyber-crime specialists and emphasized the urgent need for technological upgrades to bolster BiH's cyber defense capabilities.

Minister Bunoza concluded by outlining BiH's collaborative efforts with national, regional, and international partners to combat cyber threats. He emphasized the pivotal role of judiciary and public administration reforms in aligning BiH with EU standards, particularly in light of the recent opening of accession talks between BiH and the EU.

Today's sessions at the symposium will continue with a panel discussion featuring distinguished speakers focusing on electronic evidence and investigative techniques in combating cyber-crime. The signing of the Memorandum of Understanding between the Justice Academy of Turkiye and the International University of Sarajevo underscores a commitment to enhanced collaboration in legal education and practice, reflecting a shared commitment to tackling cyber-crime through collective action and innovation. The Memorandum of Understanding was signed by the President of the Justice Academy of Turkiye Mr. Muhittin Özdemir and the IUS Rector Prof. Dr. Ahmet Yıldırım.