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FLW “Show and Tell” Workshop: High School Students Visit IUS Faculty of Law

On Wednesday, January 17, 2024, the IUS Faculty of Law (FLW) hosted a group of high school students. The event commenced with a welcome speech, by the Dean of the Faculty of Law, Prof. Dr. Ena Kazić-Çakar, who set the tone for an engaging presentation of legal studies at FLW. Senior Assistant, Dr. Mirza Ljubović, presented students the benefits of pursuing a career in the legal profession. The invaluable insights into academic life at the Faculty, along with tips for prospective students, were generously shared by the accomplished FLW students. 

Under the guidance of the FLW Assistant, Mr. Muhemmed Huzeyfe Küçükaytekin, the high-school students actively participated in a law-related Memory Game, adding an interactive and dynamic element to their learning experience. Following this intellectually invigorating activity, the students observed the Main Trial Simulation in a Criminal Procedure, skillfully performed by FLW students, providing firsthand insight into the practical application of legal knowledge. As the visit progressed, a more informal phase unfolded, allowing the students to explore the vibrant IUS Campus.

The visit was adjourned upon a delightful session of tea and cookies, providing casual interaction between the prospective and current students and the faculty staff.