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Exploring Forensic Science: A Visit to the Center for Examinations and Research

The Center for Forensic Examinations, Expertise, and Research of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina graciously hosted students from the Faculty of Law (FLW) of the International University in Sarajevo (IUS), who were accompanied by their professor dr. Ena Kazić-Çakar.

After the welcoming speeches of the Deputy Director of the Center, Mr. Muhidin Rašidović and Ms. Selma Šikalo, Head of the Office for Dactyloscopy Identification and Examination, this insightful visit commenced with a tour of the Department for Forensic Expertise on Mobile Phones, where students gained invaluable insight into the department's operational methodologies and encountered intriguing case studies. Subsequently, they explored the Department for Dactyloscopy Expertise, learning about the meticulous techniques employed in fingerprint detection and identification, alongside the intricate process of expert testimony preparation and courtroom presentation.

Continuing their educational journey, students ventured into the field of manuscript analysis, chemistry, and DNA analysis, where they were immersed in the operational procedures and state-of-the-art machinery utilized within these departments. The culminating segment of their visit unfolded in the Ballistics Expertise Department, where students were immersed in the methodologies and equipment crucial for the department's operations. Practical demonstrations explained the essence and significance of the department's work, offering tangible examples of its impact. Undoubtedly, this visit will significantly enhance students' comprehension of lessons taught in the Criminal Procedure Law course.

Gratitude is extended to the management and staff of the Center for their hospitality and enlightening lectures, which enriched the student's academic experience.