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Bachelor Studies

Faculty of Law

Bachelor Studies

Faculty of Law

Bachelor of Arts in Law

To prepare students able to confidently navigate the challenges of a globalized world, we strive to empower students with cutting-edge instructional materials that are methodologically grounded, and multidisciplinary (i.e., draws on insights from germane social science disciplines, notably economics, history, and sociology), as well as combine practical knowledge and intellectual erudition. Our overall aim is to produce innovative problem solvers who—because they are adequately sensitized to the growing connections between domestic and international laws in a quickly-changing world and the need to harmonize these connections, and because they are versed in the application of legal principles to facts at hand—are ready-made to work in both the public and private sectors in their respective countries and abroad. 


Overview of the BA Program

Overview of the BA Program

The Bachelor of Arts in Law at IUS is a four-year, eight-semester, program of 240 European Credit Transfer System (ECTS), broken down into about 30 ECTS per semester.

Most rudimentarily, we strive to educate lawyers, versed in languages other than the ones they were born into, capable of effectively communicating with their colleagues from other parts of the world, legal experts who cherish human rights, are committed to building a society based on the rule of law, and possess ethical values capped with an abiding sense of justice, among other habits of mind. 

In addition to mandatory courses, such as constitutional law, administrative law, criminal law, civil law, commercial law, and EU Public and Private law, our students can also select from a range of elective courses in meeting their academic requirements. These include, but are not limited to, law of financial institutions, law of information technologies, environmental law, human rights, and many others.


Like its parent institution, FLW prides itself on its diversity and international character. Accordingly, our law school is home to students and teachers from various parts of the world. It is precisely these attributes that our country needs as it synchronizes domestic regulations with its international obligations on the way to its cherished goal of integration into the European Union and the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO).


Upon completing the baccalaureate degree, students will acquire basic knowledge of legal sciences as well as the necessary legal skills for admission into and successful completion of advanced legal studies. Graduates who, at this stage, choose to go into the work world, rather than continue their legal education, would have obtained the professional skills—including internships in government agencies and private organizations while at FLW—that they need to secure employment in the public or private sectors. Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) needs educated international legal experts who think and are able to work in English, the official language of the EU and the language of global politics and commerce.

Therefore, along with the possibilities for practical experience in law, the main advantage for FLW graduates from BiH stemming from their IUS education is the benefit of lessons conducted in English, the medium of instruction at this university.

Faculty of Law

Minor in LAW

Students outside the Faculty of Law, who are interested in obtaining a Minor degree in FLW, need to take LAW110 Introduction to Law I and LAW120 Introduction to Law II courses as required courses and select any courses from the list to fulfill the minimum of 30 ECTS requirement.

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