The Center for Human Rights and Transitional Justice: A Legal Clinic

The Center was established on August 9, 2018, via Decision No. IUS-FLW-15-1945/18 of the Faculty of Law Council. In creating the Center, the goal was ultimately a legal clinic where FLW students can work with their professors to gain the hands-on experience that they need so they can proverbially hit the road running when they graduate from law school. Alongside this goal and in the meantime, the Center is the pivot of the law school's conferences on a variety of emerging contemporary issues, including book talks, lectures, round-tables, symposiums, and workshops.The term human rights featured in the name of the Center speaks to the premium that this country puts on these universal rights; the constitution of each of the two Entities plus one self-governing district that make up the Federal Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina embodies robust human rights provisions that deserve the enjoyment of citizens. Transitional Justice featured in the name of the Center signifies the reality that, contrary to the seeming misnomer of the term, accountability needed to deter impunity sometimes, as in this country, can span generations; accountability is not a one-time or one-event phenomenon. The Center is a tool of faculty development that also gives students the much-needed hands-on experience in presentations that they will need to build their careers following graduation from law school.

Members of the Board of Advisors, Center for Human Rights and Transitional Justice: Legal Clinic

Aliye Fatma Mataraci, Ph.D., Acting Dean of the Faculty of Law, International University of Sarajevo, Ex-Officio Member

Philip C. Aka, J.D., LL.M., S.J.D., Ph.D., Full Professor of Law, International University of Sarajevo 
Jasminka Džumhur, Ph.D., Human Rights Ombudsperson of Bosnia and Herzegovina

Mirsad Karić, Ph.D., Dean of the Faculty of Business and Administration, International University of Sarajevo
Dževad Mahmutović, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Law, University of Tuzla

Sencer Yeralan, Ph.D., Dean of the Faculty of Engineering and Natural Sciences, International University of Sarajevo



Events for the 2018/2019 Academic Year [1]


Topic of Activity

Type of Activity


October 2018

“Five Arguments Against Plagiarism—Legally Speaking”

Workshop (co-organized with FENS, IUS)

Dr. Philip C. Aka

November 2018

“What I Learned in Nuremberg”


Dr. Goran Šimić, Ms. Medisa Fočić, and Mr. Emir Ahmethodžić

November 2018

“Nuts and Bolts of Restorative Justice: Contending Perspectives”


Dr. Ena Kazić and Dr. David Pettigrew

December 2018

“Listen Up, Leaders and Publics of BiH, There’s an Alternative to Integrating Yourselves and Your Institutions into a Growingly Amorphous EU”


Dr. Philip C. Aka and Mr. Mirza Ljubović

January 2019

“Genetic Counseling and Preventive Medicine in Bosnia and Herzegovina”


Dr. Philip C. Aka and Dr. Sabina Semiz

February 2019

The Crisis of the European Union and the Future of European Integration< (Perfecta, forthcoming 2019)

Author Book Talk

Dr. Kenan Ademović

March 2019

“Limits to the Politics of Identity: Bosnian Constitutional Development (Nearly) Three Decades after Independence”


Dr. Philip C. Aka and Hana Šarkinović-Kӧse

April 2019

“Why the United States Does Not Have Universal Healthcare: Lessons for BiH”


Dr. Philip C. Aka

May 2019

“Human Rights in External Affairs: Cuba under Fidel Castro with Possible Lessons for BiH”


Dr. Philip C. Aka



[1] Subject to changes as may become necessary.