Faculty of Law

Faculty of Law of International University of Sarajevo has been established in 2015 with the mission of providing legal education of the highest quality to students of First, Second and Third cycles of studies, according to the highest educational standards and rules of education adopted within the Bologna educational process. In the international setting such as the one found at our Faculty of Law, we have students from three different continents whose studies are focused on international laws.

Only those quality standards are the correct foundations of students' legal excellence in the future.

Social relations have evolved and gotten more complex over time, which left us with the challenge of adjusting to those changes. Life always precedes law, which causes its development. In that regard, we are witnesses of an increased interest in international laws and European Union law. At our Faculty, we have a team of distinguished scientists who have committed their professional lives to passing on their knowledge to generations of students and help them better understand social processes which affect the lives of us all. Related to this, our vision is to be one of the leading Law faculties in Bosnia and Herzegovina and the region of Balkans.


By finishing the first cycle of the studies, graduates will acquire basic knowledge of legal sciences as well as the necessary legal prerequisites for starting the second or third cycle of studies. Graduates who decide to look for a job immediately will have obtained the necessary knowledge and abilities to access government jobs, public companies and institutions. This especially implies acquiring practical knowledge about court and public prosecutor's office work, private and public companies, lawyer's offices, notary offices and different agencies.

The main advantage for the graduates of the Faculty of Law is the fact that classes will be conducted in English and the possibility of attending practical classes in the area of Law. Bosnia and Herzegovina urgently needs educated international legal experts, who think and are able to work in English as an official language of the EU. Also, the students have the opportunity of obtaining international practical knowledge of law by working in companies and institutions which enable them to be in the midst of current trends and alongside international experts in specialized fields.